Director: Jae Choi
Lic No: BLD218158(SA) 163482C(NSW)
Mobil: 0411 285 724
Phone: (08)8359 0277
ABN: 81145 658 822
Address: 26 Elizabeth St, Blair Athol SA 5084


Manager: Alexander Han
Mobile: 0405 902 033
Phone: (02) 9874 5238
Address: 6/34 Doomben Ave, Eastwood 2122 NSW

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In 1978, at the age of 16, I started painting traditional Korean furniture called Na-Jeon-Chil-Gi (lacquerware inlaid with mother-of-pearl). Finishing touches on Na-Jeon-Chil-Gi requires great care, to the extent that the we must close the door, take off our shirts and sprinkle water on the ground to suppress dust during the process. My experience with Na-Jeon-Chil-Gi formed the foundation of a general painting career when I and Kana moved to Sydney in 1998, and the same delicacy that had to be applied to painting fine furniture is the basis of my commitment to top quality and attention to detail in all our work.

In 2003 we established, Kana Painting whose name is, of course, taken from Kana, my lovely wife. Fully licensed, our business rapidly developed, until we decided to move to Adelaide, where we once again established a reputation as premium Master Painters.

The attention to detail developed through experience in Na-Jeon-Chil-Gi painting is apparent in all our work. I and Kana scrutinise every stage of the process to make sure all work is performed to perfection, and we are as meticulous and devoted to your project as if we are working on our own home. We take great pride in transforming your house or business into that “as new” look, no matter the age or condition of the structure.

Kana Painting has built up a great trust among our customers through a dedicated approach to our work. Much of our new business is generated through mouth-to mouth referrals from satisfied clients.

Painting is our passion and we regard all customers as vital to our success. I(Jae) and Kana fully understand that Kana Painting is completely dependent on creating happy and satisfied customers, and we guarantee that you, too, will be completely delighted with the result, should you choose us for all your painting requirements.