Director: Jae Choi
Lic No: BLD218158(SA) 163482C(NSW)
Mobil: 0411 285 724
Phone: (08)8359 0277
ABN: 81145 658 822
Address: 26 Elizabeth St, Blair Athol SA 5084


Manager: Alexander Han
Mobile: 0405 902 033
Phone: (02) 9874 5238
Address: 6/34 Doomben Ave, Eastwood 2122 NSW

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Kana Painting specialises in painting residential and commercial properties, including houses, units, shops, offices, schools, factories, churches and warehouses as well as all surface repairs.

Internal painting services include

Mould removal, ceilings, walls, feature walls, special effects, wood-work, varnishing, wallpaper removal etc

External painting services include

Roof painting, pressure cleaning, paint stripping, gutters, fascia-boards, eaves, gables, windows, down-pipes, rendered walls, weather-board, doors, hand-rails, gates, fences, verandahs, decking, pergolas, texture-coating, rust treatment & metal work, concrete paving & epoxy, etc.

3 Essential factors for best quality

Painting requires 3 essential factors to bring about the best result. They are Equipment, Materials and Workmanship.
1. Equipment
No matter how good the materials or workmanship, we cannot produce good quality without the best equipment. We use only best grade of brushes, rollers and sprayers to ensure a top quality finish.
2. Material:
We use only proven brands of paint such as Solver, Dulux and Taubmans. We have accounts with all of the major material suppliers and use the paint which best suits your requirements.
3. Workmanship:
All our painters, including Jae Ho and Kana, are fully licensed. Jae Ho and Kana monitor every step of the process to meet or even exceed the customer’s expectations.
We concentrate on the key aspects below, including any special requirements or requests you may have.

Preparation of job *

1. Protecting the floor:
To protect your carpet, timber floor or tiles from dust and residue we cover your flooring with drop sheets. We also cover your furniture, plants and electronic equipment.
2. Clean and washing:
To ensure paint adhesion and endurance, we remove mould, dirt, grease, smoke, stains etc with sugar soap.
3. Surface preparation:
Knowing that the quality of painting is largely dependent on the preparation work, we make sure that we take off old paint flakes and adhesives and fill all gaps with putty and filler.
4. Smoothing the surface:
Before painting, we make sure the area is smooth by sanding and cleaning away dust and other particles.


1. Water base: To ensure good bonding, we firstly apply primer over filled areas or new areas. For exterior surfaces, we use sun-protection paint that is guaranteed for at least 10 years.
2. Oil base: We apply primer on new wood work and oil under coat between sanding and finishing for both new and repainted surfaces.


Upon completion, we ask our customers to inspect the work and provide any feedback that they might have. There is no payment until final approval has been given.